Myrtle Beach ’17 {July 8-12}

One of my bucket list to-dos, were checked off the summer of 2017. I went to a beach for the FIRST TIME!

One of my bucket list to-dos, were checked off the summer of 2017. I went to a beach for the FIRST TIME! I went with my family: My father [Popz], my step-mother [Na Na (like nay nay)], my little sister [Ja’Rita (Who turned 17 on July 13)], my little brother [Tae Tae (Who turned 16 on July 22)] & one of our god-brother’s [Malik (Who isn’t pictured)].

Day 1- Arrival

I drove my new KIA Forte (which I had gotten a few months earlier) there & Ja’Rita was my only rider. Since we arrived a little later, we had to go get our own food. So, we went to Denny’s. *shrug* We took it to go.

We stayed at The Reef Resort. It was right on the beach & I made it my mission to watch the rise & set at least once before we left. *check* The first night I stayed in hotel room because I was tired! (I worked the night before we left. I got off at midnight & we left out at like 5am!) So, after we ate our Denny’s, I was out!

Day 2- Beach Day

We all went down & took pictures. It being my first time on a beach, it was weird how every time a wave came…I  sunk down a little more but that the dry sand was still so hard. So, I didn’t go out too far because I’m not the best swimmer. The moment I felt like the sand might dip off soon, I walked back towards the shore. So, the water never went past my knees.

I eventually went to the hotel pool and swam there. I knew I could swim in 5 feet. LOL After sitting in the hot tub for a little while, I got back in the pool with my little sister. I tried to teach her how to float. LMAO She was scared to just lay her head back & relax.

I was determined to eat me some crab legs! It just so happens to be a bar attached to the hotel, right? THEY SOLD CRAB LEGS! It was about 12 legs in the box & I smashed! But I shared a few because I was showing {Popz, Tae & Ja’Rita} how to break them open with their hands.

Day 3-Shopping

It started with Walmart, getting more quick bites for the room. Like hot pockets & pizzas. Of course it was a girl’s trip, just me, Ja’Rita & Na Na.

We ended up dropping the food off to the room & leaving back out. We went to maybe about…4 or 5 stores that all sold pretty much the same things. Swimsuits, souvenirs & shot glasses! Lol I seriously bought something from EVERY store! Smh I know, I know…Don’t judge me!

Honestly, I spent like over $500 that day. Mostly on souvenirs, shot glasses & shirts. Lol I know, it’s CrAzY! But I got pretty much EVERYBODY SOMETHING! My family, friends & co-workers {The ones I had at the time, were awesome! They ended up, teaming up with my family & throwing me a surprise birthday party at work like a couple weeks later.].

Day 4- Explore

Remember, I told you I taught my Pops & siblings how to eat crab legs. So now, they’re determined to get some themselves. We rode around for about 30± mins, looking for a “reasonable” price on a buffet. We settled on a hibachi grill restaurant, Sugami. Which was a first for us all, if I remember correctly.

When we left there, we went to the boardwalk. We ended up finding an arcade! We were probably in there a good 2 hours. Lol Just playing games, racking up tickets. {My lil bros won big on some game, about 500 tickets I think.]

They had a small festival going on. There was a ferris wheel! I absolutely had to get on it & NOBODY wanted to go with me. So, I went ALONE & it was AMAZING! I got some REALLY good Snaps about it!

Day 5- Departure

I made SURE I got enough sleep for the ride back home. We woke up at about 9am to clean up & pack up, check out was at 11. We loaded up the cars & went to a local restaurant called Simply Southern Smokehouse. It was an absolutely delicious, home cooked food buffet. One of the waiters, was very spiritual & was in the newspaper. {He even showed us the article.]

We made it home about 9pm that night. I dropped my little sister at home & stopped by my job. I knew my co-workers were about to go to on break. So, I dropped off their gifts. Then, I went home & gave my family their gifts.

It was an amazing trip &

I can’t wait to go back!

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